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missions-logo-mediumOutreach Mission Statement

To serve the world locally, nationally, and globally through the lens of Jesus and His Kingdom with extravagant sacrificial acts of love while presenting the Best News ever known in history as we strive to reach ALL PEOPLES, TRIBES, and NATIONS by walking in the power and authority of the Holy Spirit to bring the Glory of God on earth.

Local Missions

We believe missions begins as we leave our doors and engage in our community. During the year we participate in several areas of outreach which include our schools, working with our city and parish government, and in the neighborhoods of our city. We love our community and want to share the love and work of God with those closest to us.

International Missions

While reaching out to those closest to us, we also have a passion for reaching those around the world. We support several missionaries around the world who are doing things like training pastors in the mission field, providing orphanages to children in South America, and reaching muslims in the Sahara region.

Each year we have various groups in our church take mission trips to places like Guatemala, Africa, and El Salvador. We currently have a mission trip planned for the later part of 2017. Contact our church office for more details on this trip.