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We are here to make an impact for Jesus Christ. We live in a pleasure society. Everywhere a teenager turns, the world is pushing pleasure. But for some reason this
leaves them empty. For some reason it’s just never quite fulfilling enough. That reason? It’s not why we were created. We were created to love God and be loved by Him. So manyteenagers are turned off by the way churches present God. We are here to present a relevant, life changing message of a God who loves unconditionally and showed that love by giving the ultimate sacrifice. It’s not about a specific religion, it’s about daily living your life in a relationship with your

Our Impact services
Wed. Nights @ 6-8pm

For teens who want to learn and experience God but are turned off by church. We want to invite you here. We have a great leadership team of teens and adults that love God. Each week we see over 100 teens. Teens want to come to church and we want to invite you to check it out. We have fun, hang out and most importantly learn and hear a message that will rock your world and change your life… to live out your purpose.

Deep Impact

Deep Impact meets @ 9:00am on Sunday mornings. After Deep Impact we join the 10:30am service in the auditorium.

More than a boring church service

Our goal is to have a place where teenagers can look forward to going to and hanging out. Church is more than a boring service that you despise going to. We try to offer a God-centered service that is relevant to the teenagers of today. However, we do not compromise sharing the sacrifice that was made for us on the cross, and the Word that can change a teenager’s outlook on life. Not becoming some boring, Bible-beating nerd, but to become the person you were created to be. We want to impact our students, our town, our community and the world. We do different projects throughout each year to fulfill all these.

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