Bethel’s Mission is… Changing Lives, Building Families, and Making Disciples.
Groups play a key part in that mission by connecting you with others in your life’s walk with Christ.

Our Goal is to engage people in a life-changing spiritual experience that motivates them to live God’s truth, support those pursuing change, and reproduce spiritual living into others.

Take that next step and join a Group.

Groups are a key part of our Discipleship Ministry and help make a big church feel small. At Bethel you’ll find various groups to fit what you’re looking for. Take a look at the different types of groups we offer and let us know when you’re ready to join one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is childcare provided?

Some groups offer childcare and some don’t. Some Group members share the responsibility of watching the kids, split the cost for a sitter, or make other arrangements and for groups that meet on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, the church provides childcare. Visit our “find a group” section for a listing of groups that best fit your needs.

Where do groups meet?

Groups meet in homes, restaurants, or coffee shops. Some Groups meet at the church. We can help you find a Group near you.

How often do groups meet?

Groups meet on different days and times throughout the week. Some meet every week and some meet every other week.

Use the Group Finder to see when and how often each Group meets.

What will my group do?

It depends on the kind of Group you choose. Some Groups serve on the same team at church. Other Groups study the Bible together. And some get together to fellowship over dinner and get deeper into God’s word. The one things they all have in common is a focus on growing in a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Let us help you find a group!